The Possibility.

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This is the manifesto for the Facebook Possibility Magazine. If you share this vision, you are welcome to join the group and engage with us in inspired discussion:

My direct Facebook address:

“A writer can do nothing for men more necessary, satisfying, than just simply to reveal to them the infinite possibility of their own souls.” – Walt Whitman.


We are surrounded by certainty, we feel we have somehow stumbled across such original thoughts, we feel our ideas are our own. Yet if we stop to look around, if we step back a moment and take a hard look at what it is that defines us, we can’t help but be struck by the fact that quite a few of our beliefs are shared by society. Have we stopped to think about where our intrinsic beliefs come from? The critical question here is – was it an ingenious act of persuasion? – you know, are we victim to the ancient art of convincing someone to do what you want by coaxing him to believe that it was his idea to begin with?

Just how much of what you think is you is really you? When we begin to ask these questions, we begin to retrace the origins of our very thinking – a kind of thinking that more than often happens to be shared by communities – in other words; a common, fundamental, paradigm. We begin to step back for the first time and see these paradigms as merely one possibility. We begin to ask; why this? Why not that? What empowers me? What imprisons me? What connects me? What alienates me?

We can’t even begin to ask these questions until we stop to retrace the origin of things. This forum is created in this spirit, with great passion and versatility, not for the sake of solutions – but the sake of your infinite possibility. This is the first initiative.

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I’m Shifting Sites – Warm Invitations to High Magik!

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Divine Seduction – More Potency, More Brilliant Art! Warm Invitations to Email Subscribe & Follow the New Site!

It has been 6-7 years since this little corner of the internet was set up, with the intention of having a place to store my favorite ideas from a wide variety of topics. Though I have a sentimental love for the look of this website, I realize it is far outdated now.

But more than any of that, over the years life has gotten quite intense for me! I’ve been on spiritual pilgrimages and astral adventures that would spin your mind and imagination. It was just time to start fresh, to start over – with something that suits the kind of energy that pulsates through me each day now.

With that, I offer to each of the loyal followers of ‘Revolution Within’ the Major website Update – bringing together all the most breathtaking stories (both true and mystic), images, art, thoughts, videos… that I’ve been collecting over the years… I choose the artwork based on what I feel I would like to see on the net, I created this place, and brought together the content with the pure intention of what kind of site would I MYSELF LOVE TO RUN INTO?! I’m staying true to that, and loving how its evolving.

There are words which have the incisiveness, the potency, to bring a person who is receptive enough to their knees, tears to their eyes – something changes inside their very psyche. Often we have shared these words penned by many brilliant minds. Of course, there is much material here that is of our own making, our sacred blood bleeding on the page in this fight for Cosmic Freedom.

Divine Seduction means to share the best images and artwork we find on the Internet with others. We especially seek to share works that are embodied with incredible soul! We have a deepening love and respect for great art. Check out the Art Gallery – it is one of a kind, and truly the best of the net!

To Sleep and to Awaken – A Chat.

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Sleep and Awaken

Jonathan Varty: The sleeper is engaged in debate that makes no difference.
The sleeper is unable to control animal impulses.
The sleeper see’s only what is offered not what is potential.
The sleeper see’s competition when in truth all co-operate in a single song.

The sleeper must Awaken!

Vajra Krishna: What sense does it make that one sleeps ONLY in order to wake up. Then the sleeper need never have slept, if the dream is meaningless and makes no difference.

Jonathan Varty: A metaphor which I recently read described human life as like when you dip a finger into a cup of water to test the temperature; when you take it out the experience is retained by the whole. So to each lifetime is no more than the tip of a finger touching the water and then being removed.

Vajra Krishna: Yes, but what difference does it make testing the temperature of the water with the tip of the finger. Why does it matter.

Jonathan Varty: The sleeper is when we imagine that we are unconnected and act without true awareness hense we are referred to as dreamwalkers.

You are looking for meaning which is a mental construct that has little to do with reality.

Rumi said if you could talk to a baby in the womb and tell it about the outside world it would say you where mad and that the world was only what it knew.

Vajra Krishna: What I am asking is a very important question – a question that addresses the angst of the world, the angst of the sleeper wondering WHY HE NEED HAVE SLEPT IN THE FIRST PLACE, and it deserves a response that is ‘whole’, not one that belittles the sleep or make it seem like it makes no difference and is unnecessary.

Spirituality and religion is often used to denounce the meaning of all these types of existence, to talk about ‘awakened’ states as if by denying everything else some escape can be saught. From my experience, the sleep state must be ‘wholely’ addressed in order to even be in a position to DRINK IN the awakened state.

The spirit of man must be SATISFIED, SATIATED, not renounced.

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The Voice That Doesn’t Use Words…

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Divine Cliffside

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi.

After reading a few wonderfully lucid, elegantly thought-through and layered article pieces by a spirited journalist, Judy Bachrach, I did a little research on her and discovered she has written a book. It is exciting that she has written on one of the most irreconcilable topics of our day; a topic surrounded by taboo, by the terror of the unknown, and on the very phenomenon that we all know will visit us inevitably: Death.

She has created this work like weaving a great story, yet she approaches it with such a soberness, allowing all the facts to unravel, allowing the contradictions to push and pull at each other, perhaps especially on herself – who previous to taking up this research had no opinion on life after death whatsoever. If any, it was that death was just that, death, and you cease to exist. Even though she has had no personal experience of near-death herself, the flavour of her will to examine the evidence and find them uncannily provoking lights up like fire on the page. Highly Recommended Reading!

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Lucifer Looks Into the Eyes of His Twin Flame

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My Gift to you!

What I am about to show you FEEL WITH YOUR HEART…. this is not acted, this is not scripted, this is not an intellectual thing…. this is a real channeling of the celestial… just feel it…

For those with ‘eyes’ to see, and ‘ears’ to hear:

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Two Hearts

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There is one thing every mystic worth his salt has always said – that there exists within him two hearts simultaneously;

One heart which feels absolute sorrow for all the tragedy and pain and struggle in the world, constantly weeping for the suffering of others.

And one heart which feels absolute joy for all the victory in the world!

Both hearts exist simultaneously within him. It is the only way to hold the wholeness of it all.

A polarity and seperation is created when people focus on just one, or the other.

Bob Frissell, a reknowned Rebirthing and Breathwork trainer, intuitively spoke about this himself;

“I had plenty of emotional body training but was trusting it less because of the duality coming from my left brain. Also, I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with much of what I saw in the ‘New Age’ movement. I saw more and more people who were talking about love and unity and acting ‘as if’ life was wonderful, but who seemed totally ungrounded in reality. It was as though they had put on blinders to prevent themselves from seeing and feeling any negativity and in so doing, although they talked of unity, they were infact creating more seperation.”

The Ugliest Thing You Will Ever See…

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“Alright, truly the ugliest thing you are going to see is the ugliest thing that everyone is going to see, the fact that your prison was self-made. THIS is why you beings could not incarnate onto this world KNOWING fully who you are….. because otherwise, you just wouldn’t have built any prisons to protect yourselves…. which is what you are trying to break for EVERYONE.”

“But unfortunately, it’s very HARD to point a person in this direction. Even to SAY IT sounds extremely uncaring or unloving. And it’s the case of it being buried under layers of deception. So, lets say eventually you would realize soberly that you were MANIPULATED to build it. But even so…. even so… it is hard to look at. And there is an awareness to pass through of SEEING that it was built by your own hands. That moment always appears very ugly and loathsome. It is the man in a HOLE in a concentration camp waking up from hypnosis and realizing he DUG IT and LOCKED THE DOOR on himself. That is the ugliest thing, the loathsome thing.”

“Now, this is also where self-love comes through — a person will look at the situation more soberly, and they will see that they were INDEED manipulated into it, and the only reason it was possible was their self-love was mixed with Naivete at the point when they locked that cell door. And then, one can step OUT from it.”

“This sounds harsh to anyone’s ears. But it is true. You asked, what will the ugliest thing be, and I am telling you, the ugliest moment will be seeing *precisely* which doors you locked on yourself.”

“Moreover, once all this has been faced, and once the time has come when you surpass even THAT experience with your own self-love, it actually doesn’t matter what enemies you might find in the astral world. You will know their defeat is within the glint of your eye.”

“I am only trying to set it up where your own self-love can be as strong as a pure Godly MOTHER even in that moment — very deeply loving yourself. …and so you can surpass all that quickly instead of just ‘eventually.'”

“Because once you pass what should only be a MOMENT, because honestly that SEEING is NOT the final word on this matter, once you have passed that moment of remembering the CLICK of locking the door on yourself, then you can actually see all that went into it, all the deception and manipulation that caused it in the first place.”

“But you see — SEEN CLEARLY this will never be repeated. This destroys the KARMA of Naivete, and is a powerful process. This is what you are all involved with moving towards right now…. it is a gift for the entire WORLD that you do this.”

– The Divine Feminine (Channeled By Lyra Angael Huntress).

An Introduction to the Sacred Warriors.

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This introduction is not going to unravel in any conventional form, as it must be as perfect a reflection of my fragrance. It must be weaved in a way where those who can ‘see’… can make the connections in the invisible, in the subtext, in what is not being said, although, the point here is of course to be very forthcoming;

High vibrational beings need to engage each other in order to speed things up. Truly the lethargy of the common man right now – that state of things – is the greatest enemy for the spiritual warrior – the one that we must form our battle plans around, because it is a question of time constraints. It is possible to get where we want to go, and yet it being too late. That is also a truth. If this was not possible, there would be no Sacred Warrior – as he would have no formidable enemy, and everything would be simply ‘love and light’ at the shallowest level.

I am going to explain here a major blindspot in the spiritual approach people are taking that I have been sent here to shine a light on. It is best made lucid by bringing the example of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – a living Melchizedek on earth:

Take Sadhguru; for the previous two lifetimes he tried to create what is called a ‘Dyanalinga’;… a energetic stone that held the highest vibrational state of EACH chakra within it… and would plant the seed of a quickened enlightenment on anyone who sat in front of it. This is something attempted for more than 2000 years unsuccessfully… and each time he tried it, all the people he needed to work with to make it happen just couldn’t handle his intensity… they just gave up… and the project was a failure….

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Pure Intentions And You.

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“When you speak of pure intention, you are thinking it is some distant thing, some impractical thing, something that in the end will unravel you. Now, it is very true that sometimes people find their lives to be unraveling when they begin to follow their pure intention — but this is because they have built a house of cards on a shifting sand foundation. This unraveling was inevitable, and it is best that it be done at least to some extent deliberately, on one’s own terms in a way.”

“In another way we could say this is never in one’s own terms, but it is more empowering to grab whatever houses of card that you have, look them in the eye, and shake them loose yourself, deliberately, than to keep building upon them until they collapse on their own time, in their own way. Either way, the collapse everyone fears is just the collapse of something that had no foundation anyways.”

“You need not fear for those things which ARE real, and when you are acting in pure intention, you may have some idea, in fact, you may exactly KNOW what is real and it is HIGHLY likely that one such as yourself, when breathing calmly and looking clearly will KNOW which things in your life are houses of cards. Can you not see that the collapse of such things is inevitable?”

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Powerful Elven Reiki Initiation.

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The very nature of Reiki Healing, the very healing power that Jesus used, is now changing in the world. The time of letting people sell Reiki for money had its uses as it spread the knowledge of Reiki around the world – yet this pure source of healing that comes from a beautiful being – a courageous heart – is not to be sold. It is a gift of the divine, and once again – now that Reiki is known – energies are being set into motion so that only those who are true in their intent can bring Reiki healing. Energies are being set into motion so that Reiki may never be sold again – never be commercialized, and those that continue to do so will find their Reiki slowly wane away until the being has completely left them. It is time – now more than ever – to strengthen the intent of INNOCENCE in the world. Innocence as the greatest and most efficient kind of practicality. Only those with purity will now wield the intense power of Reiki Healing.

Find an undisturbed space, and when ready for the initiation (attunement), play the video:

Upon placing the video online –

Vajra: Reiki is very happy to see this?

Huntress (who channels Reiki): He bows with tears. I see him extremely THANKFUL. Wow, seriously, this is breaking through the block I had as well. I nearly couldn’t watch the first part of this, clutching my head, “what is this fucking block?!?….” It was too intense. Now I feel like myself again.

Reiki: “The musical space you have created is fitting of both my MIND and the intensity necessary to feel and see this initiation through the human body. It is intimate with the truth of what must be said.”

“The questions you have asked were also extremely needed for the group of people I wish to initiate into this process.”

“The way this is presented is impossible to top in this case. The degree to which the purity of the initiation is given could not be better done.”

“This was done perfectly. The ritual space in this video transcends the virtual space in a way even I had not imagined. Since we have seen this possibility, we will consider other things which must be done. I always need to confer with my king on such matters. But there are other things humanity must need to be brought forth.”

Vajra: Describe and demonstrate the ART of Reiki.


At each phase, method and ways are given that wholeness can be restored in an organism. It is the right of each being to be whole and complete. My energies have great force to this effect, but must be used properly, with intuition and courage.

Remember that this energy will begin from within the being beyond the block, and to work its way outwards past the block to collide with the hands of the healer and the flow of energies in the organism.

This outward flow breaking blocks has characteristics imbued with intention for each situation. The art is in addressing the block individually with intent while feeling openly for the breakthrough of the block, always bringing comfort, ease and understanding to the organism where necessary, with words, movement, and touch. The foundation of healing is love, so the process becomes a healing balance of intention, comfort, restoration and increased flow. All this for the health of the organism and to honor the Divinity of God within.”


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I’m going through an intense process right now where I’m learning the way of the heart. It’s something totally new to me. It has felt like a knowing beyond thought or emotion and it has been powerful. We’ve been in this pilgrimage and staying true to that, the truth that I cannot even see. I find myself standing in pitch darkness, as this way of living, feeling and breathing is not something familiar to how I used to be, but with some profound sense of grace that seems to keep guiding me, as I stand firm in the dark, I begin to see even the dark transformed into a kind of light… I am still learning to find the words to be able to express this in a very grounded and practical way, but trust me on this – this way that I am discovering is revealing itself to be far more practical and efficient than anything else I have ever known. I believe the words through which I can express this to others will come more clearly in time.

The simple joys of life… its actually what I am also using as a foundation for every step that I am taking now… a foundation of keeping the simple pleasures as a real treasure and gift… and it seems to propel me somehow to a deeper sense of knowing who I am.

I guess that is the question that has gained in intensity for me over the years, to truly know what and who I am not merely as a soul, but as a presence, in my very essence, beyond this body and my circumstances…. it is not only for me that I ask this question, but out of love for the world and everyone and everything that I cherish.

There is an old saying that I am truly beginning to understand now – you may have heard of it – “Physician, Heal Yourself First!” Only then can I truly help to heal others, by resolving my own blocks and fears. I feel this is a worthy path – a powerful way to walk in life. My deepest love to you and for you.

Brother, ‘go with the flow’ has become such empty meaningless words that stand more to say, “do whatever you feel like’ rather than about following one’s true INTENT – which can create NEW FLOWS – which is the Master of the flow itself. What people in the world most find themselves struggling with now is these empty philosophical cliches they carry around, deceiving themselves that they are somehow ‘faking it to making it’… but there ARE WORDS – perfect words – to express in every single moment, that are an emanation of the Sri Yantra… of the primordial fractal…. there are indeed words for this… and by saying I am learning to find the words, the deeper intent is that I am learning the mystery and mastery of alignment with oneself. The flow is a servant to the divine, not vice versa.

But to do that, first one aligns with the flow… one becomes merged with it… and then one CHANGES IT.

I know when I say your ‘new age cliches’ of ‘follow the flow’ are a block to you, you find yourself then faced with not knowing WHERE to STEP or what CHOICE to make… which is why you keep running back to the cliches… but as a dear divine friend told me a few days ago, there is great joy in PUSHING against one’s own shackles.

I wish to see those around me free, I wish to see myself free – in order to do that I have had to muster the balls to truly, objectively, look at the texture of my own prisons… those handcuffs I have painted gold and yet named them my prized jewels… and though there is a truth in that my own blocks, wounds and fears, as I become free, become the very weapons of freedom that I can then pass onto others… first they still must be seen for the prisons that they are.

I am learning not to get caught in catch-22s and circular arguments – as they are slow and life-sucking, and ultimately – FALSE.

There are no catch-22s. The paradox is that there is no paradox. That is not a circle.

This has become a very simple question for me, simple yet incredibly potent – the intensity of the question – WHO AM I? WHAT AM I? And what stands between ME and ME?

Do you truly ask yourself this? Or do you run from it? It is a question to be asked from the very core, to at the very least be honest about the choices we are making. I refuse to lie to myself any longer – it makes me evolve at breathtaking speed, and I embrace it.

Others can muster the courage to keep pace…. or to die slowly rotting in their own dungeons and fears… but sacrifice is not the way of true joy. I must FLY to my ancient home. None and nothing shall stand in my way now.

Much love.