I’m Shifting Sites – Warm Invitations to High Magik!


Divine Seduction – More Potency, More Brilliant Art! Warm Invitations to Email Subscribe & Follow the New Site!

It has been 6-7 years since this little corner of the internet was set up, with the intention of having a place to store my favorite ideas from a wide variety of topics. Though I have a sentimental love for the look of this website, I realize it is far outdated now.

But more than any of that, over the years life has gotten quite intense for me! I’ve been on spiritual pilgrimages and astral adventures that would spin your mind and imagination. It was just time to start fresh, to start over – with something that suits the kind of energy that pulsates through me each day now.

With that, I offer to each of the loyal followers of ‘Revolution Within’ the Major website Update – bringing together all the most breathtaking stories (both true and mystic), images, art, thoughts, videos… that I’ve been collecting over the years… I choose the artwork based on what I feel I would like to see on the net, I created this place, and brought together the content with the pure intention of what kind of site would I MYSELF LOVE TO RUN INTO?! I’m staying true to that, and loving how its evolving.


There are words which have the incisiveness, the potency, to bring a person who is receptive enough to their knees, tears to their eyes – something changes inside their very psyche. Often we have shared these words penned by many brilliant minds. Of course, there is much material here that is of our own making, our sacred blood bleeding on the page in this fight for Cosmic Freedom.

Divine Seduction means to share the best images and artwork we find on the Internet with others. We especially seek to share works that are embodied with incredible soul! We have a deepening love and respect for great art. Check out the Art Gallery – it is one of a kind, and truly the best of the net!

~ by revolutionwithin on October 25, 2015.

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