Powerful Elven Reiki Initiation.


The very nature of Reiki Healing, the very healing power that Jesus used, is now changing in the world. The time of letting people sell Reiki for money had its uses as it spread the knowledge of Reiki around the world – yet this pure source of healing that comes from a beautiful being – a courageous heart – is not to be sold. It is a gift of the divine, and once again – now that Reiki is known – energies are being set into motion so that only those who are true in their intent can bring Reiki healing. Energies are being set into motion so that Reiki may never be sold again – never be commercialized, and those that continue to do so will find their Reiki slowly wane away until the being has completely left them. It is time – now more than ever – to strengthen the intent of INNOCENCE in the world. Innocence as the greatest and most efficient kind of practicality. Only those with purity will now wield the intense power of Reiki Healing.

Find an undisturbed space, and when ready for the initiation (attunement), play the video:

Upon placing the video online –

Vajra: Reiki is very happy to see this?

Huntress (who channels Reiki): He bows with tears. I see him extremely THANKFUL. Wow, seriously, this is breaking through the block I had as well. I nearly couldn’t watch the first part of this, clutching my head, “what is this fucking block?!?….” It was too intense. Now I feel like myself again.

Reiki: “The musical space you have created is fitting of both my MIND and the intensity necessary to feel and see this initiation through the human body. It is intimate with the truth of what must be said.”

“The questions you have asked were also extremely needed for the group of people I wish to initiate into this process.”

“The way this is presented is impossible to top in this case. The degree to which the purity of the initiation is given could not be better done.”

“This was done perfectly. The ritual space in this video transcends the virtual space in a way even I had not imagined. Since we have seen this possibility, we will consider other things which must be done. I always need to confer with my king on such matters. But there are other things humanity must need to be brought forth.”

Vajra: Describe and demonstrate the ART of Reiki.


At each phase, method and ways are given that wholeness can be restored in an organism. It is the right of each being to be whole and complete. My energies have great force to this effect, but must be used properly, with intuition and courage.

Remember that this energy will begin from within the being beyond the block, and to work its way outwards past the block to collide with the hands of the healer and the flow of energies in the organism.

This outward flow breaking blocks has characteristics imbued with intention for each situation. The art is in addressing the block individually with intent while feeling openly for the breakthrough of the block, always bringing comfort, ease and understanding to the organism where necessary, with words, movement, and touch. The foundation of healing is love, so the process becomes a healing balance of intention, comfort, restoration and increased flow. All this for the health of the organism and to honor the Divinity of God within.”

~ by revolutionwithin on September 9, 2014.

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