Pure Intentions And You.


“When you speak of pure intention, you are thinking it is some distant thing, some impractical thing, something that in the end will unravel you. Now, it is very true that sometimes people find their lives to be unraveling when they begin to follow their pure intention — but this is because they have built a house of cards on a shifting sand foundation. This unraveling was inevitable, and it is best that it be done at least to some extent deliberately, on one’s own terms in a way.”

“In another way we could say this is never in one’s own terms, but it is more empowering to grab whatever houses of card that you have, look them in the eye, and shake them loose yourself, deliberately, than to keep building upon them until they collapse on their own time, in their own way. Either way, the collapse everyone fears is just the collapse of something that had no foundation anyways.”

“You need not fear for those things which ARE real, and when you are acting in pure intention, you may have some idea, in fact, you may exactly KNOW what is real and it is HIGHLY likely that one such as yourself, when breathing calmly and looking clearly will KNOW which things in your life are houses of cards. Can you not see that the collapse of such things is inevitable?”

“Gods do not wish to harm or crush those things which are PURE and TRUE, not at all. And this comes down to a very respectful LOVE for your BEING, for your SOUL, for those children of yours. It is out of respect for these things, personally for you, and for ANYONE who dares to act in pure intention, to open themselves to those knowing steps — it is out of respect for the DIVINE within a person that the houses of cards must be abandoned. You will know what yours are, everyone has them and everyone knows it, so people fear seeing them fall. But I urge you to not nurture such vain things.”

“So, you see, even the main FEARS, those FEARS of something coming apart, are only defenses of something one KNOWS must come apart.”

“Because what is pure intention if not acting on what one KNOWS is right? What else could we define it as, some sort of madness? But sadly what is TRULY right is often called mad by those around the godly, the righteous, even those who are simply VERY INTELLIGENT and have taken the vow to do what REALLY IS most sensible. Because most people’s survival strategies are a compromised mess, when looked at objectively, a big pile of shit making a very unworthy life for a child of the divine.”

“So, it’s in this context that acting out of pure intention all starts to seem a bit like madness, but this is only the illusion of madness.”

“What is actually functional, in the end, choosing to cut off the TRUTH one knows, the intuitive gifts one holds, the actual SPIRIT one knows oneself to be? Or is it more functional to bring to bear all the resources you hold within yourself, all the KNOWING you have within, and act based on the ENTIRETY of who you are, instead of what amounts to basically a calculating survivalist?”

“This is just meant to lay it plainly down. No one means that you’re going to do something harmful or stupid. That’s precisely the OPPOSITE of pure intention. It’s just that people live their lives on this earth and get their brains muddled about what is even actually harmful in the long term. I am speaking simply and practically here…. parents, for example, with all the well-meaning in the whole world end up building very elaborate handcuffs that actually PREVENT the flourishing, the thriving of their children, do they not? And why does this happen? It is done with the intention to do what is functional. But without the whole picture.”

“So, to put is simply, pure intention is intention springing from the part of you that HAS THE WHOLE PICTURE; accessing that and stepping forth trusting that. You have resources, people in your life such as Vajra who would even help you with the discernment of better accessing the knowledge and intuition inside of yourself. You have GUIDES around you willing to speak to you both directly and through confirming synchronicities. You are not being prodded to take steps without support here.”

“What is much needed is that you know the divine is ON YOUR SIDE. There is much to TRUST within you and surrounding you with love. PURE INTENTION is accessing that and stepping forward with the resources that spring from within. It should not be characterized as less functional than this, for that wouldn’t be pure intention. It wouldn’t be worthy of the word PURE. It wouldn’t be worthy of your own divine nature.”–

– Goddess (The Divine Feminine) channeled through Lyra Angael Huntress.

~ by revolutionwithin on November 15, 2014.

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