My most favorite dream is mass concoction: a gathering of the most formidable minds of humanity all together to conceive a brilliant future; a mechanism arrayed with reasonableness and exploding into dynamism. We don’t realize that a metamorphosis is really one of the easiest things to bring about. Looking at the negative – at the chaos around us – we think there is a tragic struggle ahead, how on earth would we possible change a millennium old system of corruption that chokes us all? One answer: Easily. There is really only one other option. To not interfere. In seeing that everything is cyclic, nothing is permanent, to think that the Universe will exist in an eternal state of peace and goodwill is a little naive. This has been the rationale of many great Masters. In the whole scheme of existence, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are alive or dead. But if it doesn’t matter, why not live?


From the first moment that I started asking questions rarely asked, taking the path least taken, it has been an engrossing struggle to discover the profound answers to them… the kind of illuminating answers that helps to renew wonder for life and discovery. The kind of answers that create an inner revolution. During the dark days where blindness surrounded me, I had often wished to find a place or person who could open the door to the most insightful experiences and ideas that exist.

In that, my life became a journey of discovering hidden gems – out of an unrelenting desire to learn, to understand, and to ask the bigger (and smaller) questions. To not take anything on authority, but rather, see it to be true by personal experience and investigation. A life of discovering meaningful answers that explore the depth of the question itself. Where the question and the answer are shown to be of the same source.

Inevitably, I was struck with the compassionate thought: why not make available to anyone else out there who, like you, is looking for greater insight – why not make it all available on one blog? In effect, this blog was created to collect crystalline profoundness into one spot. Most of the posts introduce you to thinkers and spiritualists who have discovered a universal truth. Each one a gem! A moonstone! Each one pointing to the inner revolution – be it through science, sociology, art, entertainment, spirituality, psychology, philosophy or politics. This is a blog that integrates these peak experiences and sparks of revelation to illuminate the core truth behind them all.

Truth, above all else, in its effervescent ruthlessness! Above even bliss, even if bliss and truth are one and the same; begin with truth – so that your ignorance does not lead you astray! Be unrelenting in your desire for truth, and you shall discover who you are.

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Here are some starting points on your areas of interest:-

Spirituality: Belief.

Science: Humanistic Science & Trancendent Experiences.

Philosophy: The Five Blind Men the Elephant & the Integral Vision.

Politics: Justice – What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Art & Entertainment: The 10 Anti-Rules of Filmmaking.

Comical: Favorite Jokes.

Highly Recommended Books.

Highly Recommended Films.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Well said. Stop grasping…just engage in right living, the middle way. Great site.

  2. Thank you. Loved yours too!

  3. thought I’d add you to my blogroll because you’re ALSO a screenwriter – although my knowledge of Indian movies stops at Bollywood and Hindi stuff (which I love). But then… I’m not American anyway! 😉

  4. Hello,

    My name is Benjamin Riggs. I am the Spirituality editor at Elephant Journal.com. I would like to speak with you about writing on elephant. Is there any way for me to contact you?

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