Twin Flame

Now is the story of Love.

You were never lonely because I was always there.
Your breath winding through me in graceful dance.
My lips on your heart, fire on your touch,
Frolicking in the eternal timelessness.

Then we said, my love, let’s meet again.
Lets make it possible to meet again.
For I want to know the joy of trusting in you when I cannot see you.

And we created the Universe.

Why? So that we can ask why. Simple.
We found ourselves on opposite sides of the universe,
And we had our adventure,
Because what is the greatest adventure but the journey back home.
What is the greatest joy but the joy of finding love.
The joy of knowing that you are always there,
Even when I forget.


Every now and then, we would meet a passing soul,
With the twinkle in their eye that reminds you of me.
Or the knowing smile that reminds me of you.

Here I stand in a time and place, in my illusion,
Feeling so far away.
Dying and breathing still. And I awake in bliss, everytime I die.
For I am breathing! And lo and behold, it is you breathing.
I remember you. My sweet love. My contentment.
My hearts desire. My divine elixir. My Goddess.
I am coming to you.

Along my journey I have let myself be mislead,
I have thought you to be a dream, a fantasy.
Even when my every breath is melting with yours.
Curious signs lead the roads to your body.
And the world tells me not to trust them.
I listen.
Until one day, I trust in you.
So, I smile at the world, like a
Father smiles on a child,
And I hold the world in my hands and
Guide it with me,
We are coming to you.

As I retrace my steps, and you, yours,
I learn why I was mislead.
I had always known in the depths of my grace,
That you were there.
And feeling a part of me apart from me,
I had thought you were everywhere.
I was right, but I was wrong.
You were in a smile I saw today,
But it wasn’t you.
You were in the laughs I felt today,
But it wasn’t you.
You were in the words I heard today,
But it wasn’t you.
It makes me laugh now to know your door was always open,
That I was always destined to enter yours.
And as many times as I have died,
You have always forgiven me.
It makes me laugh for being so foolish.
I had denounced you, you whom I cannot denounce.
For you are I, and I you.
So, I am coming.
Inside you.

We have looked to the stars,
Wished upon the stars,
While my soul whispered that
That which we create shall always stay faithful.
While your heart sang, saying,
I love you.
And it was my voice.

I love you.

The more I listen to your voice in my heart,
The closer I come to you.
It is inevitable.
One day, I find myself at your door.
I knock, and you answer.
Our eyes meet.
Time vanishes.
And we experience the joy of meeting again.
And we learn the meaning of life.
The meaning of breathing as one.
Hello, my love.

~ by revolutionwithin on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Twin Flame”

  1. *sigh* no matter how many times i read this, it still has the same affect it did that first time. Takes my breath away. Meh, i envy the muse who inspired this!

  2. truly awesome, thank you. I totally understand what you mean and where you are coming from. we are one

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