Lucifer, God, Buddha and the Polarity Integration Game.

Peering Into the Mind of God – Through the Buddha. (He finally answers the God question. 🙂

From “Cosmic Voyage” by Courtney Brown:

In the early period of these investigations into the ET enigmas, at the same time that I suggested to my monitor that I would like to use Scientific remote viewing (a trainable mental procedure that can assist a person in obtaining accurate and detailed information from distant locations – both in time and space) to interview Jesus, we decided to include the personalities of Guru Dev and Buddha on the list as well.

Buddha himself was an unknown to me. Quite honestly, I wanted to include him so that I could obtain discussions with a cross-section of great spiritual leaders in my analysis. But I did not know much about Buddha. In short, he was an unknown to me.

Nonetheless, Buddha was not insulted by my lack of knowledge of him. He has always been somewhat of a mystery personality in my understanding. Indeed, in the session that I will present now, he remains so, but at the same time, he teaches more about the meaning of life than I could ever imagine learning without assistance in one lifetime. Simply, this SRV session was the most beautiful experience I have ever had while remote viewing:


Courtney Brown: Wow! What an aesthetic impression! I get the idea of something that I heard of long ago in which Buddha expanded his consciousness to be really large, like a mile in diameter, and then he shrunk his consciousness to be really small, like on the molecular level. I am feeling like my consciousness is currently really expanded, in the stretched sense, like Buddha’s was. I also get really strong energetics, very powerful.

I get the sense that I am in a very large area, almost like a galazy, and that small parts are spinning around. I am feeling stretched thin, but not uncomfortably.

I sense that I am supposed to get something out of the big picture here. I am also getting something like an allegorical overlay. I have the initial image of the Buddha-like fellow in the Galactic Federation headquarters.The current situation reminds me of when I entered his mind and he showed me a picture of the galaxy.

But this current scene is not the galaxy. This is very different in a weird sort of way. The idea here is of creation. Life is not yet formed here. The essence of life is present, but it is not manifested yet. It will come, however.

What should I do now?

Monitor: I am not sure. Do you have any ideas?

CB: Let me ask my unconscious. I will cue on the idea of suggestion in the matrix.

Monitor: Follow your intuitions. We have never done this before.

CB: I am getting the idea of cuing on God. I will do that now. Hold on… I am now getting the idea of moving to a personality that I know, Jesus. I will cue on Jesus. OK. I have Jesus now. I am cuing on the question of where I am right now.

The signal is clear. I am being told that I am where life began at its initial point. I am going to cue on why I am here.

I am being informed that I need to know the reason for life. This is a very powerful signal. I am now cuing on the question of what I should do now.

Jesus tells me that I should release. I should go into the vortex. It has been good knowing you, buddy. I am going inside.

Oh my gosh. What an AI! (Aesthetic Impression – an emotional response to something that is remote-viewed. SRV requires viewers to declare (and this rid the mind of) all AIs to prevent contamination of the data with internalized emotions.)

I am inside now. God spent an eternity as a point source. His evolution reached a point of change in which he could not bear the loneliness of isolation. His only recourse was to re-create himself throughout an infinitude, thereby initiating a sequence of creating new gods, new hims, beings to care for him, and for him to care for. He loves us because we ended a loneliness that was beyond any ability to describe in words.

Oh wow. This is just overpowering! I just had an experience of an explosive shift. All of time is created. There are galaxies, infinite diversity, all expanding. There is great joy, great joy in God’s new existence. Great joy!

I am now asking if there is more that I need to know. I am a bit shaken. I am not sure I can go on much longer.

Jesus is telling me that this is the end. I can rest now. He says good-bye. Where did you send me that time?

Monitor: Courtney, it was not me who sent you. The target was Buddha.

CB: Buddha?!


This session is described in more detail in Courtney Brown’s second book, “Cosmic Explorers”:

The vortex was alive. There was the sense of a huge consciousness, and as I extended my mind across this consciousness, I felt stretched like the skin of a balloon, although not uncomfortably so. It then became clear to me that this being was terribly alone, and sad beyond measure. It had spent an eternity by itself, slowly evolving, until it finally grew to a point at which it could end its pain.

Then, in one sudden burst, I experienced this being’s solution. The being essentially blew itself up, or at least much of itself. As I followed the outward rush of the being’s fragmenting expansion, I perceived that it experienced a new joy that nearly overwhelmed me. The being did not die.

At first the bits and pieces of the larger being were too small and immature to even be aware of themselves. Neither were they aware of their own origin. From this point began the most profound evolution of the original being. It had become a parent to the fragments of itself.

The fragmented parts began to experience existence in a way that seemed independent of the parent. Initially they did not understand that they were literally part of a single larger being. Yet as they continued to grow in experience, they matured and developed an intense need to know how they came to exist, and indeed, the reason for their existence. This led them eventually to seek and discover the reality of their parent, their loving creator.

It was at this moment of realization that they understood that they WERE their parent, and that their own growth and evolution was also the growth and evolution of their parent. The parent had created a way to look back at itself through a mirror of a multitude of individual consciousness.

FINAL DISCUSSION by Courtney Brown:

Buddha did not want to tell me directly who he was; he wanted me to experience the answer to my question. Nonetheless, as incredible as it may seem, Buddha sits on the Galactic Federation Council that helps monitor the affairs of humans on Earth. To this day, he watches over us.

Buddha wanted me to release myself so that I would expand and embrace, sense, experience God’s creative essence, and indeed, the moment of creation. It was this intimate experiential knowledge that lead me to the certainty that Buddha and my Federation/teacher friend were the same. From his guidance came a general principle: Revelation (i.e, being told something) is the infantile route. Experience is the mature route.

Apparently, Buddha felt that I needed to know the reason for life itself. Life exists because God wanted to create life and his motivation was to end his own loneliness. The sense of loneliness that I experienced in this session was the deepest, most penetrating pure sense of the concept that I could ever imagine experiencing. Moreover, the joy that God experienced when he created time, physical matter, and us, was similarly the purest, most wonderful joy that could ever be.

I now understand what is meant when it is said that we are made in God’s image. It does not mean that God has hands and feet. It means that he feels as we feel, or perhaps more appropriately, we feel as he feels. Emotion, the rich blood of experience, is Godly.

[My Personal Note: This is the reason for the POLARITY INTEGRATION GAME that we are all playing now. God was not at peace being alone in the dark. He could not see the light and the darkness was the same. So the Polarity Integration Game was created so that through US, this could be learnt.]

And a counterpart:

Peering into the MIND of Lucifier using Scientific Remote Viewing:

“I detected an organizational structure among the subspace beings [ET], and pursuing it, found they had a rigid and hierarchical social order. The control over their existence within this hierarchy was almost military in quality. They took orders and followed them. Strangely, they had been ORDERED to self-indulge and destroy (both in subspace and after physical birth).

Following the signal further, I went after the leadership of the organization… until I found the one dominant leader. This being was an amorphously shaped dark and light being.

I entered its mind only to find it had an extremely dark mind. Something was very wrong there. It was as if the being was psychologically ill.

To begin with, it had a pathological fear of dying. It seemed to think that military fighting and conquest was needed in order to survive. It knew that mistakes had been made, and it was afraid of punishment. The leader seemed unable to devise a plan for reconciliation – fear prevented it. Then it became clear to me: this leader was a terrorist.

Continuing the mind probe, this subspace terrorist leader was intent on destroying the Grey [ET] homeworld. The aim was to instill fear in the other parts of the realm, and thus weaken the opposing forces. Fear was the key weapon. In words that best reflect the intent of the leader’s mind, the Grey souls were being held as hostages during the crisis. The dark mind wanted a negotiated settlement that would establish its right of personality survived, but with changes. It wanted control over its own dominion. It wanted to establish itself as a sovereign – a dictator.

Indeed, the leader desired worship (of itself). Its need for worship was built into a weakness in its personality structure. It needed worship in order to assist in its own flawed personality. In a weird way, the leader had a problem with low self-esteem.

As I was making these observations, I felt the being shift its attention to me. It executed a time and locational shift to find me, then I felt it ‘descend’ into my office, like a dark subspace cloud surrounding me as I sat at my desk.

To my considerable interest, I felt absolutely no fear of this being. I simply examined it, and it examined me. It then departed after a few seconds of observation (perhaps thirty seconds), leaving the impression that it felt that I was a small-fry being that was not directly threatening its activities or reign. I was a pest.”

From “Cosmic Voyage” by Courtney Brown. 


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