Empowerment and Verbal Abuse.

You can see her

Eyes light up

Hoping that

He will

Love her today.

That she can exhale

And not

Take up too much


You can see

Her eyes light up

And the wistful

Hope and

Little girlishness that

He will

Be her

Boyfriend and

Take care of her

And make

All of it


Make her right.

Her decision of him.

You can see the

Look in

Her eyes

That someday

If she just lives right

And doesn’t

Take up

Too much


Or doesn’t take

One too many


That he will

Turn her way


Fall in love,

And sweep her


And make it

All right,

Her right.

She has no


But she chose him.

Did she

Choose the


Or the

American Indian


Of my father?

Was it the jokes

Or the


Of him



That made her think

He was a

Project that

Could be


He would not allow her

Even the

First stitch

To sew a life


He was a


That remained







With the


Looking at him

Longingly, begging in her heart

To stitch him


To her.

To her forever.

She would be

In charge of the

Pattern and

Color placement

And theme.

She would stitch

Every stitch

So she would be in charge

Of the story.

But he took,

No, slapped

The needle

From her hand,

From the air.

Cause he thought,

“what is that needle doing floating in space?”

There was no there there.

No she there.

He slapped the needle

From the wind.

And told the

Entire story

Of 4 lives


Intruding and


With a rusty dirty needle.

And thread that had to

Run through

His experience

Before it could be

Used to stab

At the wind.

I hate him

And she

Still looks at him

With love

And hope

And anticipation that

She will be able to make

At least one


– From VerbalAbuse.Com

Verbal Abuse and its Devastating Impact
By Patricia Evans

Verbal Abuse is insidious.

Verbal Abuse is endemic.

Verbal Abuse impacts millions of people.

Verbal Abuse and its denial are crazy-making

Verbal Abuse usually occurs in secret.

If you’ve heard,

“You’re Too Sensitive”

you’ve heard verbal abuse.

Although many people have heard sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us, those who have suffered from verbal abuse know that words do hurt and can be as damaging as physical blows are to the body. The scars from verbal assaults can last for years. They are psychological scars that leave people unsure of themselves, unable to recognize their true value, their talents and sometimes unable to adapt to life’s many challenges.

Read the rest here.

~ by revolutionwithin on December 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Empowerment and Verbal Abuse.”

  1. How strange that I am coming out of a relationship which was totally abusive…..I have been enduring till I got the guts to break off, to find this on your page !

    Only someone who has been through a verbal abusive relationship will understand what it feels like. Thanks Vajra Krishna. I am definitely going to look into the websites. Thank you again…..

  2. I am very glad for this, Ekta. I try to keep my life as fluid as possible, so that I am constantly keeping myself open to the syncronicity of each moment. In this way, it no longer surprises me when people share how things happen at exactly the right time. That is the beauty of existence – and a testament to the intrinsic lack of chaos in nature.

    Nothing is random, everything has purpose. The moment you make a choice, the entire universe re-alligns itself.

    I hope your new choices leads you to some beautiful and educating experiences.

  3. Thank you Vajrakrishna. I enjoy reading your blog and learn a lot.

    New horizons keep opening up as I go on questioning and searching….. It is quite amazing that there is so much to be understood and learned. It just makes me feel awed.

  4. This is making me cry anew and again every time I read it. I never thought of my relationship in this way… nor my own complicity in the situation.

  5. Beautifully written and felt.. Thank you

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