Filmmaking and Paradigm Shifts


For centuries the debacle has continued: Does man make art for himself, or for mankind? The answer is, the greatest art is always that which is made for both, for man is both himself and mankind. Artists such as Steven Spielberg have reinvented cinemas in forms and functions catering completely towards a global audience, and there has been the opposite of that, where independant directors invest in films completely to satisfy their personal audience of one. True art, however, lies in between these two extremes, for one must make ammends with the consciousness of the world as well as their own subconscious. In this expression of art lies the Truth and the Beauty, the juxtaposed paradox – the corrupt and the virtuous, the real and the illusion, the parody, the apparent tragedy, the comedy, the irony, the satire, the premise and the moral.

For the eons of the illusion of film, the pieces of slides skimming into reality, for the revisiting of forgotten myths, the unconscious, and mostly, ingenuity, film is treasured by the world as a vortex of inspiration in one’s solemn life. Indeed, if not for the wish to inspire, the skill of storytelling wouldn’t exist. The Artform. For the forming of paradigm shifts in the world’s thinking, to expand their horizons in even a subconscious form. Film is regarded as escape, as a vain attempt to forget our misery, and true as that may be, life is never black and white. Much as there is beauty in everything, there is beauty in storytelling, and we revisit the masters at work with the majestic cinema. Masters of provoking thought and vision, a reason to believe. Which is why sometimes the greatest films strangely and curiously embody reality, in all their romanticism of events, the compassion is what strikes us all. They are firemen fighting the great fire of ignorance. And we? We are the romantics at the oasis, those who do not touch the water, do not effect the sight, but watch it in admiration. In this moment, much can happen. In this readiness to understand, to appreciate, to be enthralled, a revolution is always possible. There is always hope at the start of every film that it unifies you in some form.

~ by revolutionwithin on May 5, 2009.

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