Wisdom of the Shaman…

On the Assemblage Point –

“After all, there is really very little to us human beings; we are, in essence, an assemblage point fixed at a certain position.”

“The spirit chooses a moment when a man is distracted, unguarded, and, showing no pity, the spirit lets its presence by itself move the man’s assemblage point to a specific position. This spot is the place of no pity. The nature of ruthlessness is that it is the opposite of self-pity.”

“Man’s possibiliites are so vast and mysterious that sorcerers, rather than thinking about them, have chosen to explore them, with no hope of ever understanding them.”

“It is a rare opportunity for a warrior to be given a genuine chance to be impeccable in spite of his basic feelings. The act of giving freely and impeccably rejuvenates you and renews your wonder.”

“Movement of the assemblage point depends on increased energy and not on instruction.”

“Sorcerers say that intent is experienced with the eyes, not with reason.”

“A sorcerer’s ticket to freedom is his death.”

“The place of no pity, being another position of the assemblage point, is the forerunner of silent knowledge.”

“The hinge of sorcery is the mystery of the assemblage point.”

“Vanquish your self-pity right now. Vanquish the idea that you are hurt; and what you have as the irreducible residue is your feelings. Not in the spirit of renewing anything, or harming anyone, including yourself, but in the spirit of a warrior-traveler whose only virtue is to keep alive the memory of whatever has affected him, whose only way to say thank you and good-bye is by this act of magic: of storing in his silence whatever he has loved.”

“The only ones who help their fellow men are those who don’t give a damn about them.”

“The difficulty is our reluctance to accept the idea that knowledge can exist without words to explain it. Accepting this proposition is not as easy as saying you accept it. The whole of humanity has moved away from the abstract. It takes years for an apprentice to be able to go back to the abstract, that is, to know that knowledge and language can exist independent of each other.”

“Understanding is only a very small affair, so very small–yet sober understanding is vital.”

“The only worthwhile enterprise of a Warrior is freedom.”

“…What matters to a warrior is arriving at the totality of oneself.”

“We living beings are perceivers. And we perceive because some emanations inside man’s cocoon become aligned with some emanations outside. Alignment, therefore, is the secret passageway, and the earth’s boost is the key.”

“Every time the old seers made a new alignment, they believed they had descended to the depths below or ascended to the heavens above. They never knew that the world disappears like a puff of air when a new total alignment makes us perceive another total world.”

“Three techniques to Mastery of Awareness: mastery of stalking, mastery of intent, mastery of dreaming.”

“Internal strength means a sense of equanimity, almost of indifference, a feeling of being at ease, but, above all, it means a natural and profound bent for examination, for understanding. The new seers called all these traits of character sobriety.”

“Any warrior can be successful with people provided that he moves his assemblage point to a position where it is immaterial whether people like him, dislike him, or ignore him.”

“The two basic qualities of warriors are sustained effort and unbending intent.”

“Adventurous men, faced with the choice of dying in the world of ordinary affairs or dying in unknown worlds, will unavoidably choose the latter. The new seers, realizing that their predecessors had chosen merely to change the locale of their death, came to understand the futility of it all; The futility of struggling to control their fellow men, the futility of assembling other worlds, and, above all, the futility of self-importance.”

AND A CRITICAL POINT: “The new seers discovered that if the assemblage point is made to shift constantly to the confines of the unknown, but is made to return to a position at the limit of the known, then when it is suddenly released it moves like lightning across the entire cocoon of man, aligning all the emanations inside the cocoon at once.”

“The new seers burn with the force of alignment, with the force of will, which they have turned into the force of intent through a life of impeccability. Intent is the alignment of all the amber emanations of awareness, so it is correct to say that total freedom means total awareness. Freedom is the Indescribable Force’s gift to man.”

“For a human being sadness is as powerful as terror. Both can bring the moment of silence. Or the silence comes of itself, because the warrior tries for it throughout his life. It is a moment of blackness, a moment still more silent than the moment of shutting off the internal dialogue. That blackness, that silence, gives rise to the intent to direct the second attention, to command it, to make it do things. This is why it’s called will. The intent and the effect are will; they are tied together.”

An Exposition on the Chakras according to the Warrior:
1. Energy.
2. Will.
3. Attention.
4. Spirit.
5. Power.
6. Intent.
7. Freedom.

Personal notes: The sudden movement of the assemblage point makes us aware that we are prisoners to perception – so we long to be free.

Upon enlightenment – the song of the Buddha was the song of freedom.

The most romantic thing in the world is practical sophistication. A perfect balance of naugal and tonal. Of Energy and Mind.

Why is the tonal known as a guardian of the door to the unknown?

Back to Don Juan Matus:

“What you feel and interpret as longing is in fact the sudden movement of your assemblage point.”

“Unbending intent on the place of no pity.”

“The mastery of intent is the riddle of the spirit, or the paradox of the abstract: sorcerer’s thoughts and actions projected beyond our human condition.”

“The crux of sorcery is the internal dialogue; that is the key to everything. When a warrior learns to stop it, everything becomes possible; the most farfetched schemes become attainable. We are a feeling and what we call our body is a cluster of luminous fibers that have awareness. As long as you think that you are a solid body you cannot conceive what I am talking about.”

“The key to all these matters of impeccability is the sense of having or not having time. As a rule of thumb, when you feel and act like an immortal being that has all the time in the world you are not impeccable; at those times you should turn, look around, and then you will realize that your feeling of having time is an idiocy. ”

“You see, the key to stored power is that it can be used only to help someone else store power.”

“I’m going to utter perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge anyone can voice. Let me see what you can do with it: Do you know that at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know that you can use that eternity, if you so desire?”

“The third attention is attained when the glow of awareness turns into the fire from within: a glow that kindles not one band at a time but all the Indescribable Force’s emanations inside man’s cocoon. The supreme accomplishment of human beings is to attain that level of attention while retaining the lifeforce.”

“Each naugal develops a brand of ruthlessness specific to him alone. Naugals mask their ruthlessness automatically, even against their will. I’m not a rational man, I only appear to be because my mask is so effective. What you percieve as reasonableness is my lack of pity, because that’s what ruthlessness is: a total lack of pity.”

“Ruthlessness makes sorcerer’s eyes shine, and that shine beckons intent. Each spot to which their assemblage point move is indicated by a specific shine of their eyes.”

“There is endless time, and no time at all – the contradiction is sorcery. Live it! Live it gorgeously.”

“Nothing can give sorcerers a better view of intent than examining stories of other sorcerers battling to understand the same force.”

“What a strange feeling: to realize that everything we think, everything we say depends on the position of the assemblage point.”

A CRITICAL POINT – “The idea of death is the only thing that can give one courage.”

“This is the reason why I have insisted from the day I found you that impeccability is all that counts. A sorcerer lives an impeccable life, and that seems to beckon the solution. Why? No one knows. The only thing that stores energy for us is our impeccability.”

“To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. It is a revolution. To regard the lion and the water rats and our fellow men as equals is a magnificent act of the warrior’s spirit. It takes power to do that.”

“Shadows are like doors, the doors of not-doing. A man of knowledge, for example, can tell the innermost feelings of men by watching their shadows.”

“The core of our being is the act of percieving, and the magic of our being is the act of awareness.”

A CRITICAL POINT – “Movement of the assemblage point depends on increased energy and not on instruction.”

“The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a warrior. To hold on to yourself and let go of yourself at the same time.”

“Vanquish your self-pity right now. Vanquish the idea that you are hurt; and what you have as the irreducible residue is your feelings. Not in the spirit of renewing anything, or harming anyone, including yourself, but in the spirit of a warrior-traveler whose only virtue is to keep alive the memory of whatever has affected him, whose only way to say thank you and good-bye is by this act of magic: of storing in his silence whatever he has loved.”

“Stalking is an art. For a sorcerer, since he’s not a patron or a seller of art, the only thing of importance about a work of art is that it can be accomplished.”

More Notes…

Power rests on the kind of knowledge one holds. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless?

Fear is the first natural enemy a man must overcome on his path to knowledge.

…You will learn in spite of yourself; that’s the rule.

A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war, wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it will live to regret his steps.

Learning is never what one expects.

A man who is defeated by power dies without really knowing how to handle it. Power is only a burden upon his fate. Such a man has no command over himself, and cannot tell when or how to use his power.

Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if you feel you should not follow it, you must not stay with it under any conditions. To have such clarity you must lead a disciplined life.

Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question. This question is one that only a very old man asks. My benefactor told me about it once when I was young, and my blood was too vigorous for me to understand it. Now I do understand it. I will tell you what it is: Does this path have a heart?

For me there is only the traveling on the paths that have a heart, on any path that may have a heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length. And there I travel–looking, looking breathlessly.

There is a crack between the two worlds, the world of diableros and the world of living men. There is a place where the two worlds overlap. The crack is there. It opens and closes like a door int he wind. To get there a man must exercise his will. He must, I should say, develop an indomitable desire for it, a single-minded dedication. But he must do it without the help of any power or any man.

Why must you think that every person in a moving crowd is a human being?

Worry and think before you make any decision, but once you make it, be on your way free from worries or thoughts; there will be a million other decisions still awaiting you.

Once a man learns to see he finds himself alone in the world with nothing but folly.

I choose to live, and to laugh, not because it matters, but because that choice is the bent of my nature.

You should know by now that a man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting.

Put your trust in yourself, not in me.

What else can a man have, except his life and his death?

Oppressors and oppressed meet at the end, and the only thing that prevails is that life was altogether too short for both.

Will is something very special. It happens mysteriously. There is no real way of telling how one uses it, except that the results of using the will are astounding. Perhaps the first thing that one should do is to know that one can develop the will.

The indulgence of denying is by far the worst; it forces us to believe we are doing great things, when in effect we are only fixed within ourselves.

Will is a power…What a sorcerer calls will is a force that comes from within and attached itself to the world out there. It comes out through the belly…

When we look at the world or when we hear it, we have the impression that it is out there and that it is real. When we perceive the world with our will we know that it is not as “out there” or “as real” as we think.

The very thing that could help you develop your will is admist all the little things you do.

A detached man, who knows he has no possibility of fencing off his death, has only one thing to back himself with: the power of his decisions. He has to be, so to speak, the master of his choices.

A fine power is always heralded by great pain.

Upon learning to see a man becomes everything by becoming nothing. He, so to speak, vanishes and yet he’s there.

The thing which should give you the chills is not to have anything to look forward to but a lifetime of doing that which you have always done.

When you see there are no longer familiar features in the world. Everything is new. Everything has never happened before. The world is incredible!

One must overcome everything.

A man who sees is everything; in comparison, the sorcerer is a sad fellow.

When a man is facing the ally, the giver of secrets, he has to muster up all his courage and grab it before it grabs him, or chase it before it chases him. The chase must be relentless and then comes the struggle. The man must wrestle the spirit to the ground and keep it there until it gives him power.

Understanding is only a very small affair, so very small.

Nobody knows my personal history. Nobody knows who I am or what I do. Not even I.

Don’t take things so for granted. You must begin to erase yourself.

When nothing is for sure we remain alert, perennially on our toes.

You’re very violent. You’re taking yourself too seriously.

As long as you feel that you are the most important thing in the world you cannot really appreciate the world around you. You are like a horse with blinders, all you see is yourself apart from everything else.

How can anyone feel so important when we know that death is stalking us?

The thing to do when you’re impatient is to turn to your left and ask advice from your death. An immense amount of pettiness is dropped if your death makes a gesture to you, or if you catch a glimpse of it, or if you just have the feeling that your companion is there watching you.

Everything I do is my decision and my responsibility.

In a world where death is the hunter, my friend, there is not time for regrets or doubts. There is only time for decisions.

There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that whatever one is doing may very well be one’s last act on earth. I recommend that you reconsider your life and bring your acts into that light.

We are as mysterious and as awesome as this unfathomable world, so who can tell what you’re capable of?

It doesn’t matter how one was brought up. What determines the way one does anything is personal power.

Trust your personal power. That’s all one has in this whole mysterious world.

Whenever your hand remains warm you can actually feel the lines of the world with it.

The art of a benefactor is to take us to the brink.

…What matters to a warrior is arriving at the totality of oneself.

Do you know that one moment can be eternity? This is not a riddle; it’s a fact, but only if you mount that moment and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction.

You don’t have any time, and yet you’re surrounded by eternity. What a paradox for your reason!

To change our idea of the world is the crux of sorcery. And stopping the internal dialogue is the only way to accomplish it. The rest is just padding.

A man of knowledge cannot possibly act toward his fellow men in injurious terms, hypothetically or otherwise.

– Don Juan Matus, Toltec Sorceror.

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