Letting Go

We let go all the time. There’s many moments of every day where we are just being… and the illusion isn’t there. In spiritual circles people have the habit of telling each other, Just be

But the thing is, to be alive we have to just be… we have to let ourselves breathe. And no one holds their breath that long, they can’t.. life itself pulls us quickly back into being… so in essence, you’re letting go all the time.

Nice example is how people sometimes feel they have lost something they used to have.. an attitude.. a state of mind… a state of peace… either or.. and they feel they need to get it back. But if you had it once, there is no way it can be lost. Chances are, you probably be it more often than you’d care to recall.

Like the metaphor of the only thing stopping us getting to the end of the path is that we think of it as a path, making it neverending… but I’d like to go a little further on that; the only time we are on a path is when we are thinking of one. When we aren’t, we’re not on a path at all.

~ by revolutionwithin on May 3, 2009.

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